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    A Number Nine Large

    Hana Kaguya
    Hana Kaguya

    Village : Kirigakure
    Rank : Kage
    Clan : Kaguya

    A Number Nine Large Empty A Number Nine Large

    Post by Hana Kaguya on Mon Mar 30, 2020 12:32 pm

    Hana, being leader of the city, was above the rules of the armory. She took what she felt was essential to protect her and do her job, as little combat as she saw.


    x15 Kunai
    x10 Shuriken
    2 Giant Shuriken
    Titanium Mail Shirt
    Lightly Armored Gloves
    Armored Combat Boots
    Uniform Pants
    Uniform Body Armor
    Silk Cloak
    Titanium Happuri
    Breast and Back Plate
    Forearm and Backhand Guards
    Shin Guards
    Waist and Hip Guards
    Upper Arm Guards

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