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    Grabbing some more stuff+

    Hirano Issei
    Hirano Issei

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    Grabbing some more stuff+ Empty Grabbing some more stuff+

    Post by Hirano Issei on Fri Apr 17, 2020 1:08 pm

    Just like when Issei went to go pick up his weapons, he felt a slight bit of apprehension at the thought of the village giving him free supplies, even if it was just to track him or to keep tabs on his location. The very thought that the village acknowledged his existence gave him a feeling of anxiety deep within his stomach. He tried to minimize his interactions with the personnel there as he acquired his radio and two batteries, before leaving as briskly as he could, making his way back home.

    Claiming 1 Radio Transceiver and 2 Batteries.


    Grabbing some more stuff+ IWsULYD

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